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Kingdom of Bosporus

The Bosporan Kingdom (or Kingdom of the Cimmerian Bosporus) was an ancient Greco-Scythian state in eastern Crimea and the Taman Peninsula on the shores of the Cimmerian Bosporus, the present-day Strait of Kerch (it was not named after the more famous Bosphorus beside Istanbul at the other end of the Black Sea). Its mixed population adopted the Greek language and civilization. The kingdom's golden age was 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. It was a Roman province from 63 to 68 A.D., under Nero. At the end of the 2nd century A.D., King Sauromates II inflicted a critical defeat on the Scythians and included all the territories of the Crimea in the structure of his state. The Bosporan Kingdom became the longest surviving Roman client kingdom, retaining semi-independent status until it was overrun by the Huns, c. 375 A.D. Bosporan Kingdom

Kingdom of Bosporus, Rheskuporis II (III), 211 - 228 A.D., Caracalla Reverse

|Bosporan| |Kingdom|, |Kingdom| |of| |Bosporus,| |Rheskuporis| |II| |(III),| |211| |-| |228| |A.D.,| |Caracalla| |Reverse||stater|
Certificate of Authenticity issued by David R. Sear.
SH59734. Electrum stater, Frolova 200 and pl. 45, 14 (same dies); MacDonald Bosporus 555/2, SGICV 5482 var. (date), Choice aEF, weight 7.836 g, maximum diameter 18.8 mm, die axis 0o, Pantikapaion (Kerch, Crimea) mint, 215 - 216 A.D; obverse BACIΛEWC PHCKOVΠOPIΔOC, diademed and draped bust right, club before; reverse laureate and draped bust of Caracalla right, BIΦ (year 512) below; ex Freeman and Sear, ex Forum (2007); conservative "nearly EF and attractive" grade by David Sear, perfect centering and great strike; SOLD

Kingdom of Bosporus, Aspurgus, c. 14 - 38 A.D., In the Name of Caligula

|Bosporan| |Kingdom|, |Kingdom| |of| |Bosporus,| |Aspurgus,| |c.| |14| |-| |38| |A.D.,| |In| |the| |Name| |of| |Caligula||12| |units|
This type and similar coins of Tiberius were both struck with this date, with young portraits, about which RPC I notes, "the pieces with the portraits of Tiberius and Caligula were probably made at the end of the reign; the Tiberian pieces are so similar to the Caligulan ones that it seems very likely that both were made within a short space of time."
SH67614. Bronze 12 units, MacDonald Bosporus 302, RPC I 1904, SNG Cop 24, Anokhin 320, Lindgren III 156, VF, weight 6.750 g, maximum diameter 22.0 mm, die axis 0o, Panticapeum mint, c. 37 - 38 A.D.; obverse ΓAIOV KAIΣAPOΣ ΓEPMANICOV, bare head of Caligula right; reverse diademed head of Aspurgus right, IB (denomination) before, BAP monogram behind; SOLD



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