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Byzantine Coins of the Heraclean Dynasty
Byzantine Empire, Constans II, September 641 - 15 July 668 A.D.

|Constans| |II|, |Byzantine| |Empire,| |Constans| |II,| |September| |641| |-| |15| |July| |668| |A.D.||follis|
According to Sebeos' account, it was Valentinus, a general of Armenian origin, who engineered the fall and mutilation of Martina and Heraklonas, and imposed Constans II as the sole Byzantine emperor. Early in 642, Valentinus was appointed commander-in-chief of the Byzantine army, he was also rendered quasi-imperial honors - most notably he was allowed to wear the imperial purple, and his daughter Fausta was married to the young Constans II and proclaimed Augusta. In 643 and 644, Valentinus led a campaign against the Arabs but his army was routed and he reportedly panicked and fled, leaving his treasury to be captured by the Arabs. In 644 or 645, Valentinus appeared at Constantinople with a contingent of troops, and demanded to be crowned emperor. The people of the capital and the leading men of the state, Patriarch Paul II foremost, rejected his claim. A mob lynched his envoy Antoninos and then killed Valentinus.
BZ111906. Bronze follis, cf. DOC II-2 60a, Wroth BMC 105, Tolstoi 144, Morrisson BnF 13/Cp/AE/04, SBCV 1000, Sommer 12.45, Hahn MIB 162, Ratto -, F, centered, highlighting earthen deposits, hexagon flan, weight 4.244 g, maximum diameter 22.6 mm, die axis 225o, 4th officina, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, 642 - 643 A.D.; obverse EN TouTO NIKA (In this, be victorious, ou ligate), Constans standing facing, beardless, wearing crown with cross and chlamys, long staff surmounted by globus cruciger in right, globus cruciger in left; reverse large m (40 nummi), cross above, A/N/A downward on left, N/E/O/ς/[ς?] downward on right (last two letters in exergue); AII (1st officina, regnal year 2) in exergue on left; $70.00 (Ä65.80)

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