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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Multiple Coin Lots| > LT97805
Lot of 16 Greek Silver Fractions (14) and Iberian Hacksilver (2), c. 500 - 330 B.C.
|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |16| |Greek| |Silver| |Fractions| |(14)| |and| |Iberian| |Hacksilver| |(2),| |c.| |500| |-| |330| |B.C.|, The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Iberia, Hacksilver, 1.01g.
2) Iberia, hacksilver, 0.32g.
3) Phokeia, AR tetartemoion, griffin head, BMC 88-89.
4) Methymna, Lesbos, AR hemiobol, 0.27g, 500-460 B.C., female head wearing sakkos right / cock standing right, MATH over, in incuse square with pelleted border, HGC 893.
5) Uncertain, Caria, AR tetartemorion, 0.16g, circa 480-450 B.C., helmeted head left / incuse.
6) Uncertain Mint, Cilicia, AR tetartemorion, 0.16g, crowned head of Hera right / reverse off center (off flan).
7) Uncertain, Western Asia Minor, late 6th-early 5th centuries B.C., AR tetartemorion, 7mm, 0.15g, head left, wearing close-fitting cap(?) / incuse punch.
8) Uncertain, Thraco-Macedonian, AR hemiobol, 0.24g, head of lion right / quadripartite incuse square, Tzamalis 52.
9) Methymna, AR 5mm tetartemorion, 0.21g, Facing head of Selinos. / quadripartite incuse square, cf. HGC 894-5.
10) Persian King, AR 1/24th siglos, 0.18g, Persian King / incuse. cf. Klein 759.
11) Achaemenid Empire, 485-400 B.C., AR 4mm 1/32nd siglos, or hemitetartemorion, 0.13g, king right, kneeling-running with bow / incuse square, Klein 760.
12) Kition, AR hemiobol or 1/24th stater, 0.34g, head of Herakles in lion skin right / lion attacking stag right, all inside incuse square, BMC 57.
13) Neandros, AR obol, 0.66g, 4th century B.C., head of Apollo right / goat.
14) Sidon, AR 1/16th shekel, 0.61g, Persian king fighting lion / Phoenician galley left, waves below.
15) Persia, AR 1/24 stater, 0.40g, Klein 562.
16) Uncertain, AR hemiobol, 0.33g, animal head left / circular incuse.
LT97805. Silver Lot, 14 Greek silver fractions and 2 pieces of Iberian hacksilver, c. 500 - 330 B.C.; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; some scarce; $400.00 SALE |PRICE| $360.00


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