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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Judean & Biblical Coins| > |Herodian Dynasty| > |Herod the Great| > JD97696
Judean Kingdom, Herod the Great, 37 - 4 B.C.
|Herod| |the| |Great|, |Judean| |Kingdom,| |Herod| |the| |Great,| |37| |-| |4| |B.C.|, Josephus writes that Herod the Great (father of Archelaus) was in Jericho at the time of his death. Just prior to this final trip to Jericho, Herod had placed a golden eagle over the Temple entrance. Perceived as blasphemous, protesters chopped down the eagle with axes. Two teachers and approximately 40 youths were arrested for this act and immolated.
JD97696. Bronze prutah, Hendin 1185; Meshorer TJC 55; Sofaer p. 259, 50; HGC 10 666 (S), VF, tight ragged flan, uneven strike, enhanced desert patina, Jerusalem mint, weight 0.834g, maximum diameter 12.9mm, c. 27 - 24 B.C.; obverse HPΩ∆OY BACIΛEΩΣ (Greek: of King Herod), tripod table with curved legs, shallow bowl or plate upon it; reverse crossed palm fronds in a circle; from an Israeli collection; very scarce; $310.00 SALE |PRICE| $279.00

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