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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Crusaders| > CR96939
Crusaders, Frankish Greece, Principality of Achaea, Philip of Savoy, 1301 - 1307
|Crusaders|, |Crusaders,| |Frankish| |Greece,| |Principality| |of| |Achaea,| |Philip| |of| |Savoy,| |1301| |-| |1307|,
Philip of Savoy was the lord of Piedmont from 1282 until his death and prince of Achaea between 1301 and 1307. He was the son of Thomas III of Piedmont and Guyonne de Châlon. Philip's first marriage was celebrated in Rome on February 12, 1301 to Isabella of Villehardouin, Princess of Achaea. By that marriage, he became Prince of Achaea, though he had already been lord of Piedmont by inheritance from his father in 1282. As prince, Philip ventured to reconquer all of Lacedaemonia from the Greeks. He was, however, an authoritative prince and this put him at odds with the baronage of his realm. He tried to placate the barons of Morea, but was forced to accept a parliament in 1304. The Greek peasantry, crushed by taxes, then revolted in turn. In 1307, King Charles II of Naples, the suzerain of Achaea, confiscated the principality and gave it to his son, Prince Philip I of Taranto. Metcalf indicates all of Philip's coins appear to have been struck at Corinth.Frankokratia_Map
CR96939. Billon denier tournois, Wäckerlin 400; Malloy Crusaders 18 - 19 var. (pellets or annulets flanking castle), F, slightly rectangular flan, light deposits, light marks, Corinth(?) mint, weight 0.538g, maximum diameter 19.8mm, die axis 225o, 1301 - 1307; obverse +·Ph's·D'SAB·P·AChE·, cross pattée within inner border; reverse XDE CLARENCIA⚜, castle tournois surmounted by cross dividing legend, nothing on each side of castle, five pointed star below castle; from the Louis G Estate; $90.00

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