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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Consigned Returned 9| > GS96467
Macedonian Kingdom, Egypt, Ptolemy I, as Satrap, 323 - 305 B.C., Portrait of Alexander
|Consigned| |Returned| |9|, |Macedonian| |Kingdom,| |Egypt,| |Ptolemy| |I,| |as| |Satrap,| |323| |-| |305| |B.C.,| |Portrait| |of| |Alexander|, This type has traditionally been dated to Ptolemy's rule as satrap but Lorber notes the helmet and some associated symbols are shared with a bronze type that names Ptolemy as King. It appears the helmet series was struck c. 306 - c. 300 B.C., both before and after Ptolemy's coronation in late 305 or early 304. The helmet series tetradrachms were struck at a reduced standard of c. 15.71g and all of the referenced specimens were struck at the reduced standard. This coin, however, was struck on an earlier, heavier Attic standard flan. It seems unlikely that it was simply struck using an older flan in error. The slightly different style and monogram (curved crossbar) suggest it may be from the earliest issues of the series, struck before the standard changed.
GS96467. Silver tetradrachm, cf. Lorber CPE 69; Svoronos 162; SNG Cop 29; Noeske 6; Hosking 4; BMC Ptolemies p. 4, 33 (all struck at the reduced 15.71g standard), VF, well centered, flow lines, marks, mild die wear, heavy flan, Alexandria(?) mint, weight 16.515g, maximum diameter 28.7mm, die axis 0o, as Satrap, 306 - 305 B.C.; obverse Alexander the Great, head right, wearing elephant skin headdress and aegis; reverse Athena Alkidemos advancing right, holding shield and brandishing javelin, AΛEΞAN∆POY upward on left; Corinthian helmet right over XA monogram over eagle standing right on thunderbolt with wings closed in right field; ex Münz Zentrum Rheinland auction 190 (11 Mar 2020), lot 399 ; SOLD

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