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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Roman Bulk Lots| > LT96224
Lot of 32 Roman Coins - Includes Scarcer Late Roman Rulers, 80 - 450 A.D.
|Roman| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |32| |Roman| |Coins| |-| |Includes| |Scarcer| |Late| |Roman| |Rulers,| |80| |-| |450| |A.D.|, Consignor's list, not verified by FORVM but believed to be accurate:
1) Domitian and Domitia, Pergamum, Temple, RPC II 918, aF.
2) Sabina, AE20, Magnesia, Lydia, Cop. 260. F.
3) Caracalla as Caesar, AE17, Nikopolis, Moesia Inferior, Concordia standing. VF.
4) Elagabalus, AE18, Petra, Decapolis, Tyche seated left. Spijkerman 55. F.
5) Julia Paula, AE28, Tarsus, aF.
6) Macrinus, AE17, Antioch, F.
7) Diadumenian as Caesar, AE23, Deultum, Thrace, F, cleaned.
8) Philip II as Caesar, AE25, Anazarbus, Cilicia, Capricorn left. Fair.
9) Divus Valerian II, antoninianus, Altar, VF. RIC 24.
10) Tetricus I, AE minimi, c. 273 AD, gVF.
11) Tacitus, tetradrachm, Alexandria, Eagle right, Dattari 5519.
12) Florian, antoninianus, RIC 57. F, slight bend.
13) Macrianus, antoninianus, VF, slight bend.
14) Diocletian, AE antoninianus, VF.
15) Constantine I, AE3, Sol standing. London. VF.
16) Theodora, AE4, Pietas, Trier, RIC 43.
17) Crispus Caesar, AE3, VF. 18) Fausta, AE3, VF.
19) Constantine II as Caesar, AE3, Campgate, VF.
20) Jovian, AE3, VF.
21) Magnus Maximus, AE2, VF.
22) Gratian, AE2, Emperor raising captive, VF, flat area.
23) Valens, AE3, Victory, VF.
24) Theodosius I, clipped AR siliqua, Milan mint, VF.
25) Aelia Eudoxia, AE3, F.
26) Aelia Flaccilla, AE2, F.
27) Honorius, AE4, Victory, VF.
28) Arcadius, AE4, Victory, VF.
29) Theodosius II, AE nummus, Cross in wreath. VF.
30) Johannes, AE nummus, Victory. F.
31) Leo and Verina, AE nummus, VF.
32) Marcian, AE nummus, monogram, F.
31) Zeno, AE nummus, monogram, F.
32) Unidentified.
LT96224. Mixed Lot, 32 Roman coins, includes scarcer late Roman rulers, Roman provincials aF, the late Roman imperial coins F to VF, a couple have slight bends, several have porosity, the actual coins in the photograph, a dozen with Moneta Numismatics flips and tags, the rest in a mixed bag without tags or flips, as-is, no returns; $850.00

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