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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Greek Bulk Lots| > LT96218
Lot of 18 VF Greek bronzes
|Greek| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |18| |VF| |Greek| |bronzes|, 1) Polyrhenion, Crete, AE9, Shield. / Spearhead. Svoronos Crete 36. gF.
2) Carthage, AE20 (6.47g) Tanit. / Horse r., looking back. SNG Cop. 307. aVF.
3) Demetrius Poliorketes, AE14 (3.53g) Demetrius as Poseidon r. / Prow r. Newell 20; SNG Alpha Bank 954-5. aVF.
4) Macedonian, Antigonus II Gonatas, AE17 (5.94g) Athena r. / Pan erecting trophy r. VF.
5) Idyma, Caria, AE9 (0.78g) Hermes r. / Fig leaf. aVF.
6) Adramytion, Mysai, AE9 (0.89g) Orontas as Satrap, 357-352 BC, Female head r. / Pegasos r. SNG BN 1223-6. gF.
7) Smyrna, Ionia, AE19 (9.04g) Apollo r. / Homer seated l. aVF.
8) Maroneia, Thrace, AE13 (2.82g) Horse r., monogram below. / Grape vine. VF.
9) Olbia, Skythia, 3rd Century BC, 12 (1.72g) Demeter l. / Archer kneeling about to shoot. SNG BM Black Sea 541-549. VF. Scarce.
10) Tripolis, Phoenicia, 2nd-1st centuries BC, Syracuse, Sicily, AE20, Bull l., club. BMC 627, SNG Cop. 866. VF, patina flaking.
11) Lysimachos, 306-281 BC, AE19 (4.68g) Athena r. / Lion springing r. aVF.
12) Thracian Kingdom, Seuthes III, 323-316 BC, AE18 (4.63g) Zeus r. / Horseman r. Peter p. 82; Topalov 116; SNG Cop. 1073. VF.
13) Sardes, Lydia, AE16 (3.86g) 133 BC - 14 AD, Apollo r. / Club in wreath. Johnston 197. VF.
14) Skythia, AE cast dolphin, 31mm, 4.41g) 5th to 4th century BC, cf. SNG BM 367-8. VF.
15) Alexander III, AE19 unit (4.85g) Uncertain Mint, Herakles r. / Bow in bow-case and club. VF.
16) Alexander III, AE16 half-unit (3.43g) Paphos, Herakles at center of shield. / Helmet, caduceus and monogram. F.
17) Adramyteum, Orontas, Satrap of Mysia, 357-352 BC, AE10 (1.53g) Zeus r. / Forepart of pegasos r. Troxell 2; SNG BN 1163. VF.
18) Pergamon, Mysia, AE9 (0.96) Athena r. / Two stars.
LT96218. Bronze 18 VF Greek bronze coins, each with Moneta Numismatics tag, tag prices total $990, the actual coins in the photograph; $450.00


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