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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Syria| > |Other Syria| > LT96158
Sicily and Magna Graecia, c. 415 - 100 B.C., Lot of 28 Bronze Coins
|Other| |Syria|, |Sicily| |and| |Magna| |Graecia,| |c.| |415| |-| |100| |B.C.,| |Lot| |of| |28| |Bronze| |Coins|, The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Panormos, AE25, P. Tarentius, c. 120 BC, Janus / wolf & twins. BMC 11, F, ex Surber
2) Syracuse, AE16, nymph / octopus, SNG Cop 653, VF, porous
3) Syracuse, AE20, bull, SNG Cop 866, VF, patina flaking
4) Syracuse, AE12, nymph / octopus, SNG Cop 679, VF, flaw on chin
5) Syracuse, AE hemilitron, Calciati 16, VF
6) Alaisa, griffin / horse, VF, edge chip 1/5 missing
7) Syracuse, Arethusa / octopus, VF/F
8) Arpi, Apulia, AE20, c. 275-250 BC, horse / bull, SNG ANS 645, F
9) Syracuse, AE trias, female head / octopus, SGCV 1188, VF
10) Rhegion, AE11, c. 351-280 BC, facing lion head / Apollo, SNG ANS 198, aVF, cleaned
11) Leontini, AE16, Calciati 10, F
12) Selinos, Sicily, c. 450-440 BC, cast Æ hexas - dionkion mask of Selinos / Selinon leaf, HGC 2 1236, F
13) Gela, Sicily, AE trias, river god / bull, Calciati 19, VF
14) Syracuse, AE20, Kore / Pegasus, F
15) The Bretti, Ares / Athena, SNG Cop 1642, VF, ex Surber
16) Katane, AE12, c. 186-170 BC, Calciati 13, VF, porous
17) Cales, Campania, AE21, Athena / rooster, SNG Cop 322, VF, porosity, typical edge flaw
18) Sardinia, Tanit / horse head, MAA 57, VF, rough
19) Gela, AE16 triens, c. 420-405 BC, bull / wheel, SNG ANS 105, F, rough
20) Tauromenaion, AE13, Apollo / grapes, Calciati, 12, F, rare
21) Katane, AE23, Janiform Serapis / Demeter, Calciati 14, SNG ANS 1302, F
22) Himera, AE tetras, c. 420-407 BC, rider on goat / Nike, Calciati 31, VF
23) Thurioi, Lucania, AE8, c. 415-400 BC, Athena / bull, HN Italy 1910, VF
24) Gela, AE13, man headed bull / wreath, VF
25) Syracuse, Hieron II, AE21, Poseidon / trident, F
26) Syracuse, AE20, Artemis / thunderbolt, Calciati 142, F
27) The Mamertini, AE26 pentonkion, Ares / warrior
28) one more
LT96158. Bronze Lot, 28 Sicilian and Magna Graecia (Southern Italy) Greek bronze coins, c. 415 - 100 B.C., unattributed to type, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; $870.00



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