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Home > Catalog > |Antiquities| > |Antiquities by Type| > |Oil Lamps| > AL93921
Late Roman - Byzantine, Holyland (Syro-Palestinian), Bi-Lanceolate Pottery Oil Lamp, c. 300 - 500 A.D.
Adler notes these lamps are found throughout the northern part of Israel, especially in Beit Shean and Hamat Gader, and date to the fourth and fifth centuries. Hamat Gader was already a well known health and recreation site in Roman times, mentioned in Strabo, Origen and Eunapius, as well as the Rabbinic literature. Construction of the bath complex began in the 2nd century by the 10th Roman Legion, which was garrisoned in nearby Gadara (modern Umm Qais). The ancient Hebrew name means hot springs of (the ancient city of) Gadara. The Arabic name El-Hamma preserves this, and the name of the tel located near the site, Tel Bani, is a corruption of the Latin word meaning "baths." The photo on the right is the inscription of empress Aelia Eudocia's poem praising the qualities of the springs at Hamat Gader, placed where visitors could see it as they went into the pool. Click the photo to see a larger image, translation and more information.Hammat Gader Baths
AL93921. Bi-lanceolate pottery oil lamp; Adler Collection (website) type N2; cf. Schloessinger 450; Bailey BMC -; 8.3 cm (3 1/4") long, near Choice, complete and intact, tiny bumps and chips, c. 300 - 500 A.D.; pink-buff clay, mold made with incised and punched decoration, the body includes the entire lamp from tip of nozzle to tip of handle, wide rim surrounds a large fill hole, row of pellets in annulets around shoulders, two incised lines lengthwise on the handle; $55.00 SALE |PRICE| $49.50

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