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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |Heraclean Dynasty| > |Constantine IV| > BZ93535
Byzantine Empire, Constantine IV, 15 July 668 - 10 July 685 A.D.
|Constantine| |IV|, |Byzantine| |Empire,| |Constantine| |IV,| |15| |July| |668| |-| |10| |July| |685| |A.D.|, NEWOverstruck on an earlier coin, probably of Constans II. Sear notes this is common for the type.

His reign saw the first serious check to nearly 50 years of uninterrupted Islamic expansion, while his calling of the Sixth Ecumenical Council saw the end of the monothelitism controversy in the Byzantine Empire; for this, he is venerated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, with his feast day on September 3.
BZ93535. Bronze decanummium, DOC II part 2, 38; Sommer 13.19; Hahn MIB 88; Morrison BnF 14/Cp/AE/12; Tolstoi 140; SBCV 1182; Wroth BMC -; Ratto -, VF, overstruck on earlier coin (probably Constans II, Sear notes this is common for the type), irregularly shaped flan, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 4.367g, maximum diameter 24.2mm, die axis 225o, 668 - 673; obverse helmeted and cuirassed, beardless bust facing, globus cruciger in right hand; reverse large I (mark of value) between cross and K, CON (Constantinople) in exergue; from the Errett Bishop Collection; scarce; SOLD

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