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Home > Catalog > |Asian Coins| > |Korea| > KO92730
Korea, Choson (Yi) Dynasty, 1392 - 1910
Beginning in 1633 A.D., during the reign of King Injo, the famine relief "Stabilization Office" (Sangpyongchong) began to cast coins using the first two characters of the office name (sang pyong) in the inscription (sang pyong tong bo), meaning "always even universal currency." Sang pyong tong bo coins were cast from 1633 to 1891 and circulated for over 300 years. Numerous government offices and military mints produced the coins as a source of funding, and many were also privately cast. The places indicated by the mintmark were not necessarily the actual mint; they were offices granted the right of coinage. They may have been minted for the office at another location.
KO92730. Copper 1 mun, Velde-Hartill type 25.4A.6, SCWC KM 276.1.6, CKCB 18.234A, Craig LCC 5, aVF, light deposits, Seoul, Special Army Unit mint, weight 4.502g, maximum diameter 29.6mm, die axis 0o, 1750; obverse Sang Pyong Tong Bo (always even universal currency); reverse Yong (Special Army Unit) mintmark above, Yuk (six) below, circle left; SOLD


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