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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |Heraclean Dynasty| > |Constans II| > BZ92071
Byzantine Empire, Constans II, September 641 - 15 July 668 A.D.
The Arabs also took to the sea, and from the 650's on, the entire Mediterranean Sea became a battleground, with raids and counter-raids being launched against islands and the coastal settlements. In 652, an Arab fleet under Abdullah ibn Sa'ad defeated the Byzantine fleet (500 ships) off the coast of Alexandria. Arab raids reached a peak in the 9th and early 10th centuries, after the conquests of Crete, Malta and Sicily, with their fleets reaching the coasts of France and Dalmatia and even the suburbs of Constantinople.
BZ92071. Bronze follis, DOC II part 2, 69a; Wroth BMC 126; Sommer 12.50; Tolstoi 157; Ratto 1560; Hahn MIB 170b; SBCV 1006; Morrisson BnF -, gF, attractive highlighting red earthen deposits, overstruck on a cut fraction of an older coin, much of inscriptions and part of figure off flan, 1st officina, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 1.908g, maximum diameter 21.2mm, die axis 180o, 651 - 652 A.D.; obverse EN ToυTO NIKA (In this, be victorious), Constans with moustache and long beard, standing facing, wearing crown and chlamys, long cross in right, globus cruciger in left; reverse large M (40 nummi), cross above, A/N/A left, N/E/O/ς right, A (1st officina) below, IA (year 11) in exergue; despite the obvious flaws, this coin is somewhat nice for the type; $40.00

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Heraclean Dynasty