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Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Hungary| > ME91716
Hungary, Matthias II, 1608 - 1619
Matthias hoped to bring about a compromise between Catholic and Protestant states within the Holy Roman Empire in order to strengthen it. He granted religious concessions to Protestants but was opposed by the more intransigent Catholic Habsburgs who forced him to revise his liberal policies.
ME91716. Silver denar, Huszár 1140, aVF, edge chips, Kremnitz mint, weight 0.360g, maximum diameter 13.6mm, 1611 - 1613; obverse MAT • II • D •G • HV • BO • REX • 1611 • (or 1612 or 1613), crowned two-part shield with Hungarian arms (Árpádian stripes and double cross in crown on thee hills), K-B (privy mark) in fields; reverse PATRONA 8 HVNGARI, crowned Madonna seated facing holding infant Jesus in her left arm, cross in right; from the Maxwell Hunt Collection; $18.00


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