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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Italy| > GS91519
Neapolis, Campania, Italy, c. 275 - 250 B.C.
Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Bronze Age Greek settlements were established in the second millennium B.C. The city was refounded as Neapolis in the sixth century B.C. and became an important hub of Magna Graecia, playing a key role in the merging of Greek culture into Roman society. Naples remained influential under Rome and more so after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, serving as the capital city of the Kingdom of Naples between 1282 and 1816. Thereafter, it became the capital of the Two Sicilies until the unification of Italy in 1861.
GS91519. Silver didrachm, SNG ANS 386, SNG BnF 814, SNG Cop 444, SNG Milan 136, Sambon 488, BMC Italy 71, HN Italy 586, HGC 1 454 (S), SNG MŁnchen -, aVF, well centered, old collection toning, flow lines, scratches, Neapolis (Naples, Italy) mint, weight 6.630g, maximum diameter 19.6mm, die axis 180o, 275 - 250 B.C.; obverse diademed head of the siren Parthenope left, wearing triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace, B behind neck, M below neck truncation; reverse river-god Acheloios as a man-faced bull walking right, head turned facing, crowned with wreath by Nike flying right above, E below, NEOΠOΛITΩN in exergue; from the Maxwell Hunt Collection; scarce; SOLD



Imhoof-Blumer, F. "Die FlŁgelgestalten der Athena und Nike auf MŁnzen" in NZ III (1871)., pp. 1 - 50.
Marest-Caffey, L. "Seleukos I's Victory Coinage of Susa Revisited: A Die Study and Commentary" in AJN 28 (2016).

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Nike or Victory