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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Crisis and Decline| > |Salonina| > RS91458
Salonina, Augusta 254 - c. September 268 A.D.
Felix (Lucky) was a traditional epithet for Venus. Venus Felix was her cult title at Hadrian's temple to Venus Felix and Roma Aeterna on the Via Sacra. In dice-games, a popular pastime among Romans of all classes, the luckiest, best possible roll was known as "Venus."
RS91458. Silver antoninianus, GŲbl MIR 898c, RIC V-1 J7 (Lugdunum), RSC IV 115 (Lugdunum), Hunter IV J24, Eauze 1513, Cunetio 733 (20 spec.), Elmer 60, SRCV III 10655, VF, well centered, old cabinet toning, flow lines, struck with worn dies, Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne, Germany) mint, weight 3.934g, maximum diameter 23.1mm, die axis 0o, 257 - 259 A.D.; obverse SALONINA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane, hair in ridges and in plait looped below ear up the back of head, crescent behind shoulders; reverse VENVS FELIX (Venus who brings good fortune), Venus seated left, extending right hand reaching for child (or Cupid) standing at her feet with arms raised to her, transverse scepter in left hand; from the Maxwell Hunt Collection; SOLD


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Colonia Agrippinensis