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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Roman Provincial| > |Roman Egypt| > RX91431
Claudius, 25 January 41 - 13 October 54 A.D., Roman Egypt, Messalina, Britannicus & Octavia Reverse
RPC I notes, "Messalina, who is shown as Demeter, holds two small figures. These were traditionally identified as the children of Claudius and Messalina, Britannicus and Octavia, but Dattari (RIN 1900, pp. 383-4) rejected this view, since Britannicus was born in 42 and the coin type is first used in 41; but Vogt (pp. 24-5) returned to the traditional description, arguing that the date of Britannicus' birth was not certain, and that these coins, in fact, show that he was born before August 41."
RX91431. Billon tetradrachm, RPC I 5131; Geissen 75; Dattari-Savio 123; BMC Alexandria p. 10, 71; Milne 84; Curtis 13; Kampmann 12.22; Emmett 74.3, aVF, toned, a few cuts, scratches, corrosion, struck with a damaged obverse die, Alexandria mint, weight 12.190g, maximum diameter 25.5mm, die axis 0o, 29 Aug 42 - 28 Aug 43 A.D.; obverse TI KΛAV∆I KAIΣ ΣEBA ΓEPMANI AVTOKP, laureate head right, date LΓ (year 3) before neck; reverse MEΣΣAΛINA KAIΣ ΣABAΣ, Messalina as Ceres standing facing, head left, two small figures in right hand, two stalks of grain in left hand; from the Maxwell Hunt Collection, ex Pegasi Coins; SOLD


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