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Home > Catalog > |Large Lots| > LT91387
Lot of 8 Roman Imperial and Provincial Coins, 37 - 450 A.D.
1) Caligula, AE17, Philadelphia, Lydia, Heads of the (Nero and Drusus Caesars as) Dioscuri right, RPC I 3020, F.
2) Nero and Statilia Messalina(?), AE15 (2.015g) Kyzicus, Mysia, RPC I 2250, F, very rare.
3) Plotina, AE20, Nacrasa, Lydia, Draped bust right / Isis standing left, holding sistrum, F.
4) Lead tessera, Egypt, Bust of Antinous right / Bust of Serapis right, Fair.
5) Didius Julianus, sestertius, Fortuna, RIC 15, tooled, obverse edge cut and crack.
6) Salonina, AR antoninianus (2.69g), RIC 35, Pietas and three children, VF, worn obverse die.
7) Johannes, AE4 (1.68g) cf. RIC X 1920. VF, cleaned with some old varnish adhering.
8) Theodosius II, AE4, Cross, EF, small flan.
LT91387. Bronze Lot, 8 coin, 7 bronze, 1 lead tessera, includes scarcer rulers, Fair - VF, no flips or tags, consignor's description beside the photo is not guaranteed to be accurate - FORVM did not verify the descriptions or attributions, the lot is the actual coins in the photograph, as-is no returns; $490.00 SALE |PRICE| $441.00


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