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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Recovery of the Empire| > |Claudius II| > RL89972
Claudius II Gothicus, September 268 - August or September 270 A.D.
A. Markl, "Mints and Issues of Claudius Gothicus" in Num. Zeitschrift 16, 1884, notes (in German) that Antioch and Rome share the same officina marks and some of the same reverse types, but the coins are usually easily separated. Antioch always has obverse legend IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG and officina letter in the exergue, whereas Rome-mint coins with letters in exergue only began in issue 3 with shortened obverse legend IMP CLAVDIVS AVG. Rome, and only Rome, usually writes IIIIIP for IMP in obverse legend. IVI for the M is common for Antioch. Finally, Antioch coins are usually on nicely rounded flans and are struck in better billon than the antoniniani of other mints, and are also found more often with an intact silver coating.
RL89972. Billon antoninianus, MER-RIC T1027 (59 spec.), Huvelin 1990 11, Amasya 2348-2350, Komin 1281, RIC V-1 225, Cohen VI 316, SRCV III 11386, Hunter IV - (p. lxxxii), Choice VF, near full silvering, full borders centering, flow lines, light marks, 6th officina, Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) mint, weight 2.995g, maximum diameter 20.5mm, die axis 180o, issue 1, c. end 268 - end 269; obverse IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse VIRTVS AVG (the valor of the Emperor), Minerva standing half right, head right, draped, wearing crested Corinthian helmet, spear vertical with point up in right hand, resting left hand on grounded oval shield, S in exergue; $95.00



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Van Heesch, J. "The last civic coinages and the religious policy of Maximinus Daza (AD 312)" in Numismatic Chronicle 1993, pp. 65 - 75, pl. 11.

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