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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |The Late Empire| > |Valentinian I| > RL89959
Valentinian I, 25 February 364 - 17 November 375 A.D.
On 1 November 365, the Alamanni crossed the Rhine and invaded Gaul. Valentinian I moved to Paris to defend the Gallic cities. Large numbers of Alamanni crossed the frozen Rhine into the Empire on 2 January 366. Valentinian moved his base to Trier and in 368 defeated the Alamanni near the Rhine.
RL89959. Bronze centenionalis, RIC IX Thessalonica 17(a) 1, LRBC II 1702, SRCV V 19477, Cohen VIII 21, Hunter V -, Choice gVF, well centered, flow lines, die wear/damage, 1st officina, Thessalonica (Salonika, Greece) mint, weight 2.801g, maximum diameter 18.9mm, die axis 0o, 25 Feb 364 - 24 Aug 367 A.D.; obverse D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse RESTITVTOR REIP, emperor standing facing, head right, labarum in right hand, Victory on globe offering wreath in left hand, TESA in exergue; $80.00


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