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Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Islamic| > IS89686
Islamic, Tabarestan, Abbasid Governor Sa'id ibn Da'laj Suleiman Mukatil, 787 - 789 A.D.
Tabaristan, on the Southern coasts of Caspian sea, roughly corresponded to the modern Iranian provinces of Mazandaran, Golestan and northern Semnan. It was one of the last parts of Persia to fall to the Muslim Conquest, maintaining resistance until 761. Even afterward, Tabaristan remained virtually independent of the Caliphate. This type was struck on the standard of a Sasanian half-drachm but is referred to as a dirham by contemporary references. The diamond head replaced the emperor's head to honor the Islamic faith, which forbids graven human images.
IS89686. Silver dirham, Arab-Sasanian type; Walker BMC I, p. 145, B.43; Album 65; cf. SIC Ashmolean 434 (year 137); Mitchiner WOI 280 (same), VF, well centered on a broad flan, some porosity, small edge cracks, Tabaristan mint, weight 1.494g, maximum diameter 23.7mm, die axis 345o, 787 - 788 A.D.; obverse Sasanian style bust wearing winged crown but face replace by diamond enclosing Kufic bakh (bravo), Pahlavi "strong" and "splendor" left, Kufic name "sulayman" right, Pahlavi "excellent" and "good" with stars and crescents outside border; reverse fire altar with two attendants, tiny stars flanking the flame, Pahlavi SHSHIVST (year 136 of the Post-Yazdegard Era) on left and Pahlavi TPURSTAN (mint) on right; stars, crescents and groups of pellets outside triple border; ex Beast Coins; rare year; $160.00

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