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Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Germanic Tribes| > RL89627
Germanic Tribes, Pseudo-Imperial Coinage, Mid 4th - Early 5th Century A.D.
Barbarian imitatives of the Roman VICT LAETAE PRINC PERP small bronze coins are among the most common barbarous coin types from the late Roman period. The prototype for this coin was a coin from the Roman mint at Siscia. Silvering on a barbaric imitative is unexpected, however, the blundered illiterate nonsense imitations of legends leave no doubt this coin is a tribal issue.
RL89627. Bronze AE 18, for prototype cf. RIC VII Siscia 53 (Roman, Constantine the Great, Siscia mint, 318 - 319 A.D.), gVF/aVF, silvering(?), slightly off center but only cutting off the tops of some letters, scratches, tribal mint, weight 3.099g, maximum diameter 17.8mm, die axis 285o, after 318 A.D.; obverse IHP CONSTHTHVS P E NVG (or similar, blundered, S's resemble retrograde Greek sigma), laureate, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Constantine the Great right; reverse HCTORIAE LATNE PIIC PEIIΠ (or similar, blundered), two Victories standing confronted, together holding shield inscribed VOT / P R over altar, SIS (retrograde) in exergue; ex Beast Coins VLPP Collection, ex Ancient Coins Canada (Jun 2008), reportedly found in Germany; $95.00



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