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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Bulgaria| > WO89586
Bulgaria, Second Empire. Mihail Asen III Shishman, 1323 - 1330 A.D.
|Bulgaria|, |Bulgaria,| |Second| |Empire.| |Mihail| |Asen| |III| |Shishman,| |1323| |-| |1330| |A.D.|, Mihail Asen III, commonly called Michael Shishman, ruled as tsar of Bulgaria from 1323 to 1330. An energetic and ambitious ruler, Michael Shishman led an aggressive but opportunistic and inconsistent foreign policy against the Byzantine Empire and the Kingdom of Serbia, which ended in the disastrous battle of Velbazhd which claimed his life. He was the last medieval Bulgarian ruler who aimed at military and political hegemony of the Bulgarian Empire over the Balkans and the last one who attempted to seize Constantinople. He was succeeded by his son Ivan Stephen and later by his nephew Ivan Alexander, who reversed his policy by forming an alliance with Serbia.
WO89586. Bronze trachy, Radushev-Zhekov 1.11.16, Youroukova & Penchev 68, Dimnik-Dobrinic 8.2.3, aVF, dark green-brown patina, weight 1.335g, maximum diameter 18.7mm, die axis 180o, 1323 - 1330 A.D.; obverse cross fourchée with suppendaneum, IC-XC (retrograde) in upper quarters, star in each lower quarter; reverse Shishman monogram, star on each side at base; ex CNG e-auction 255 (4 May 2011), lot 399; $80.00


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