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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Crisis and Decline| > |Salonina| > RA89479
Salonina, Augusta 254 - c. September 268 A.D.
|Salonina|, |Salonina,| |Augusta| |254| |-| |c.| |September| |268| |A.D.|, Andreas Alfoldi in "The Numbering of The Victories of the Emperor Gallienus and of the Loyalty of His Legions," suggests this type was struck c. 265 - 266 A.D. to commemorate the birth of a third son to Salonina and Gallienus, named Marinianus after his grandmother. Alfoldi also writes that he is convinced that the third son of Gallienus was the Marinianus made consul ordinarius in 268 A.D.
RA89479. Billon antoninianus, GŲbl MIR 579aa, RSC IV 39, Hunter IV 15, RIC V-1 S5, SRCV III 10633, Choice aVF, well centered, dark patina with earthen highlighting, centers a little weakly struck, scratches, Rome mint, weight 2.824g, maximum diameter 22.6mm, die axis 180o, c. 264 - 265 A.D.; obverse SALONINA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane, hair in ridges and in plait looped below ear up the back of head, thin crescent behind shoulders; reverse FECVNDITAS AVG, Fecunditas (Fertility) standing left, reaching down to child at her feet with right, cornucopia in left hand; ex Numismatik Naumann auction 73, part of lot 970; SOLD

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