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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Greek Bulk Lots| > LT89435
Lot of 14 Ancient Greek Bronze Coins
|Greek| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |14| |Ancient| |Greek| |Bronze| |Coins|, Lot1) Keramos, Caria, AE11 (1.48g) Bull right / Dolphin right, gF.
2) Malaka, Iberia, AE10 (1.04g) Head of Hephaistos right / Eight pointed star, SNG BM 387-390, Fair/aVF.
3) Aigai, Aiolis, AE18 (2.91g) Head of Apollo right / Head of goat right. Cop. 1, F.
4) Kyme, Aiolis, AE15 (3.18g) Forepart of horse right / Oenochoe, monogram to left. cf. Cop. 69-86, F.
5) Kolophon, Ionia, AE15 (2.11g) Apollo right / Forepart of horse right, F.
6) Thebes, Boeotia, AE11 (2.03g) Herakles right / Club and thyrsos. Cop. 373-4, aVF.
7) Laodikeia, Phrygia, AE13 (3.11g) Laureate head of Apollo right. / Zeus standing left, F.
8) Macedonian Kingdom, Philip II, AE18 (5.65g) Youth on horseback right, F.
9) Kingdom of Thrace, Lysimachos, AE19 (4.47g) Lion springing right, F.
10) Lysimachia, Thrace, AE22, (7.48g) Female head right / Athena advancing left. SNG BM 284, F.
11) Phaselis, Lycia, AE18 (4.33g) Prow right. / Athena advancing right SNG Cop. 126, F.
12) Laodikeia, Phrygia, AE19 (4.69g) Female head right / Cornucopia. Cop. 501, aVF.
13) Pergamon, Mysia, AE20 (7.65g) Athena right / Nike walking right. SNG BN 1790, aVF.
14) Maroneia, Thrace, AE17 (6.68g) Dionysos right / Dionysos standing. Schonert-Geiss 1569 ff, VF.
LT89435. Bronze Lot, Lot of 14 ancient Greek bronze coins from Iberia to Anatolia, 10mm - 22mm, 1.04g - 7.65g, the lot is the actual coins in the photograph, Moneta Numismatic Services tag for each coin (no flips) with prices totaling $513; SOLD


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