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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |Byzantine Mints| > |Syracuse| > GI89143
Syracuse, Sicily, Second Democracy, 466 - 405 B.C.
Following Heron's death, democracy was restored in 466 B.C. Similar to at Athens, the polis was governed by a council and popular assembly with an executive consisting of elected generals or strategoi. Syracuse fought against Athens 427 - 424 B.C. and again 415 - 413 B.C.; ultimately Syracuse was victorious. With further reforms by Diocles, the democratic nature of Syracuse's political structure was further strengthened.
GI89143. Bronze hemilitra, Calciati II p. 56, 24; SNG ANS 415 ff.; SNG Cop 697 ff.; HGC 2 1480 (S), F, reverse off center, Syracuse mint, weight 2.490g, maximum diameter 16.0mm, die axis 135o, c. 415 - 405 B.C.; obverse head of nymph left, hoop earring, wearing ampyx, with hair bound in sphendone; laurel branch with two leaves behind; reverse dolphin swimming right above ΣYPA, inverted scallop shell below; $75.00



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Byzantine Syracuse