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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Anatolia| > |Caria| > |Rhodos| > SH89053
Rhodes, Caria, c. 20 - 60 A.D.
After surrendering its independence to Rome, Rhodes became a cultural and educational center for Roman noble families and was especially noted for its teachers of rhetoric, such as Hermagoras and the unknown author of Rhetorica ad Herennium. At first, the state was an important ally of Rome and enjoyed numerous privileges, but these were later lost in various machinations of Roman politics. Cassius eventually invaded the island and sacked the city. In the early Imperial period Rhodes became a favorite place for political exiles. Early in the 1st century A.D., the Tiberius spent a brief term of exile on Rhodes. Saint Paul brought Christianity to people on the island. Rhodes reached her zenith in the 3rd century.
SH89053. Bronze drachm, RPC I 2764 (5 spec.), SNG Keckman I -, SNG Cop -, SNGvA -, SNG MŁnchen -, SNG TŁbingen -, BMC Caria -, F, uneven strike with weak areas, spots of corrosion, edge split, Rhodos (Rhodes, Greece) mint, weight 24.388g, maximum diameter 37.0mm, die axis 0o, c. 20 - 60 A.D.; obverse head of Dionysos right, wreathed in ivy; reverse Nike standing left on basis, raising filleted wreath in right hand, palm frond in left hand, PO∆I/ΩN / EΠI in three lines low on left, ZHNO/∆OTOY (Zenodotos [magistrate]) in two lines on right; zero sales of this type recorded on Coin Archives in the last two decades, we could not find another example online, HUGE 37mm coin; very rare; SOLD



Bernhart, M. "Dionysos und seine Familie auf griechischen MŁnzen" in JNG I (1949).

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Dionysos or Bacchus