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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |Comnen Dynasty| > |Michael VII| > BZ88934
Byzantine Empire, Michael VII Ducas, 24 October 1071 - 24 March 1078 A.D.
Sear notes the type is frequently overstruck on folles of Romanus IV, SBCV 1866.
BZ88934. Bronze follis, DOC III - 2 14b; Wroth BMC 26; Ratto 2042; Morrisson BnF 55/Cp/AE/9; Berk 958; Sommer 55.8; SBCV 1878, EF, dark patina, overstruck, part of edge ragged, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 6.561g, maximum diameter 26.1mm, die axis 180o, obverse bust of Christ facing, cross behind head, wearing pallium and colobium, raising right in benediction, Gospels in left ornamented with nine pellets, large star right and left, IC - XC above arms of cross; reverse + MIXAHΛ RACIΛ O ∆, bearded bust facing, wearing crown and loros, holding labarum and globus cruciger; $170.00 SALE |PRICE| $153.00



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