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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |The Late Empire| > |Gratian| > RL88714
Gratian, 24 August 367 - 25 August 383 A.D.
At the beginning of the 16th century nearly 20,000 Sephardic Jews immigrated to Greece from Spain following their expulsion. By 1519, 15,715 Jews lived in Thessaloniki, 54% of the population. After the Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917 left 72,000 people homeless, unable to stay and survive, nearly half of the Jewish population emigrated to France, the United States and Palestine. On April 22, 1941, Thessaloniki fell to Nazi Germany. 50,000 Jews, 95% of the Jewish population, were sent to concentration camps where most were murdered in the gas chambers. Another 11,000 Jews were sent to forced labor camps, where most also perished. Only 1200 Jews live in the city today.
RL88714. Bronze centenionalis, RIC IX Thessalonica 26(c)xxi, LRBC II 1764, SRCV V 20071, Cohen VIII 23, F, dark green patina, bumps and marks, porous, exergue unstruck, 2nd officina, Thessalonica (Salonika, Greece) mint, weight 2.131g, maximum diameter 16.8mm, die axis 180o, 24 Aug 367 - 17 Nov 375 A.D.; obverse D N GRATIANVS P F AVG (unbroken), pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse GLORIA ROMANORVM (glory of the Romans), Emperor forcing barbarian captive to kneel with right, labarum (Chi-Rho standard) in left, wreath in left field, pellet over Γ right, TES in exergue; scarce; $14.00




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