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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Recovery of the Empire| > |Aurelian| > RB88412
Aurelian, August or September 270 - October or November 275 A.D.
Aurelian probably joined the army in 235, a year that began an era of crisis, imperial assassinations, invasions, civil wars, plagues, and economic depression, which severely damaged the army. He distinguished himself in battle and successes as a cavalry commander eventually made him a member of emperor Gallienus' entourage. Claudius gave him command of the elite Dalmatian cavalry, and then promoted him to Master of Horse (second in command of the army after the Emperor). As emperor, Aurelian's successful restoration of the Army enabled him to defeat the Alamanni, Goths, Vandals, Juthungi, Sarmatians, and the Palmyrene Empire effectively ending the Roman Empire's Crisis of the Third Century.
RB88412. Billon antoninianus, MER-RIC 3085 (36 spec.), RIC V-1 366, BnF XII 1220, VenŤra 10728 - 10732, Hunter IV 105, Cohen VI 206, Choice gVF, well centered, areas of porosity, small green encrustations, 1st officina, Cyzicus (Kapu Dagh, Turkey) mint, weight 4.114g, maximum diameter 21.7mm, die axis 0o, issue 10, phase 2, early - summer 275; obverse IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right; reverse RESTITVTOR EXERCITI (restorer of the army), Aurelian standing left holding scepter and presenting globe to Mars, also holding scepter, helmeted, standing right, A in center, XXI in exergue; $70.00



Bastien, P. "Coins with a Double Effigy Issued by Licinius at Nicomedia, Cyzicus, and Antioch" in NC 1973.

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