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Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |France| > WO88341
France, Kingdom of Navarre and Viscountcy of Béarn, Henri III of Navarre (II of Béarn), 1572 - 1610
Henry IV of France, also known as "Good King Henry," was King of Navarre (Henry III) from 1572 and Viscount of Béarn (Henry II) from 1572. Upon the death of his brother-in-law and distant cousin Henry III of France, Henry was called to the French succession in 1589. He initially kept the Protestant faith but after four years and at least 12 assassination attempts, he abjured the Calvinist faith. He promulgated the Edict of Nantes in 1598, guaranteeing religious freedom and ending the Wars of Religion. He was assassinated in 1610 by a fanatical Catholic. Unpopular immediately after his accession, Henry's popularity greatly improved after his death. The "Good King Henry" (le bon roi Henri) was remembered for his geniality and his great concern about the welfare of his subjects. Henry is said to have originated the oft-repeated phrase, "a chicken in every pot."
WO88341. Silver teston, Duplessy Féodales 1313, Boudeau 604, Poey d'Avant 3471 & pl. LXXIV, 9 corr. (no D cow B acorn, etc.), VF, well centered, toned, double strike, portrait strike a little weak, Béarn, Morlaàs mint, weight 9.506g, maximum diameter 29.4mm, die axis 180o, 1573; obverse HENRICVS?II?D?G?REX?NAVARRE?D (cow) B (acorn) (Henry II, by the grace of god, king of Navarre), laureate and cuirassed bust of Henry III, high ruffled collar; reverse GRATIA?DEI?SVM?QD?SVM?1573 (thank God I am what I am), 5 pointed star after date, crowned coat of arms shield, crown cutting the legend at the top, 1st and 4th quarter with arms of Navarre, 2nd of Béarn, and 3rd of Bourbon, flanked on each side with a crowned H; ex Ross D. King (Ontario dealer); $350.00

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