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Home > Catalog > Roman Coins > Roman Provincial > Roman Syria > RP88149
Severus Alexander, 13 March 222 - March 235 A.D., Damascus, Coele-Syria
While playing the flute Athena saw her reflection in the water and disturbed by how her cheeks looked, puffed up while playing, threw away the instrument in disgust. The satyr Marsyas picked up the flute and since it had once been inspired by the breath of a goddess, it played beautifully on its own accord. Elated by his success, Marsyas challenged Apollo to a musical contest. For the prize, the victor could do what he pleased with the vanquished. The Muses were the umpires. Apollo played the cithara and Marsyas the flute. Only after Apollo added his voice to the music of his lyre was the contest decided in his favor. As a just punishment for the presumption of Marsyas, Apollo bound him to an evergreen tree and flayed him alive. His blood was the source of the river Marsyas, and Apollo hung up his skin, like a wine bag, in the cave out of which that river flows.
RP88149. Bronze AE 27, Mionnet V p. 292, 61; SNG Cop -; SNG MŁnchen -; SNG Hunterian -; BMC Galatia -; Rosenberger IV -, Butcher -, aF, legends illegible, bumps and marks, porosity, Damascus mint, weight 18.663g, maximum diameter 27.2mm, die axis 0o, 13 Mar 222 - Mar 235 A.D.; obverse M AVP AΛEXAN∆ER CAICA, laureate and draped bust right, from the front; reverse COL ∆AMAC MET, satyr Marsyas, on left, standing half left before a cypress tree, raising right hand, wineskin on left shoulder; ex J.S. Wagner Collection; extremely rare; SOLD

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