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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Roman Provincial| > |Roman Syria| > GY88148
Apamea, Syria, 58 - 57 B.C.
|Roman| |Syria|, |Apamea,| |Syria,| |58| |-| |57| |B.C.|, In 302 B.C., Seleucus ceded a large part of Afghanistan to Chandragupta for 500 elephants to equip his army. The Seleukids' elephant and horse breeding and training camp was at Apamea. More than thirty thousand brood mares and three hundred stallions were kept. Here instructors taught the methods of fighting in heavy armor, and all the arts of war. In 188 B.C., Rome forced the defeated Antiochus III to sign the Treaty of Apamea, which obligated him to hand over all but 10 of his ships, hostages, 15,000 talents and all his elephants. When this coin was issued, the elephants had long existed only in memory.
GY88148. Bronze AE 22, HGC 9 1420 (R1); Cohen DCA 424 (S); cf. BMC Galatia, p. 235, 14 and pl. 27, 6 (year 8); SNG MŁnchen 794 (same); SNG Cop -, F, brown patina with red earthen highlighting, some porosity, typical tight flan, Syria, Apameia (Qalaat al-Madiq, Syria) mint, weight 8.386g, maximum diameter 21.6mm, die axis 0o, 58 - 57 B.C.; obverse laureate head of Zeus right; reverse AΠAMEΩN / THΣ IEPAΣ / KAI AΣYΛOY in three lines two above and one below, elephant walking right, Z (year 7 of Pompeian era) below trunk, uncertain control letters (off flan) below inscription; ex Moneta Numismatic Services; scarce; SOLD

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