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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Anatolia| > |Cilicia| > RP88143
Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, 7 March 161 - February 169 A.D., Anazarbus, Cilicia
Anazarbus was founded by Assyrians. Under the early Roman Empire, it was known as Caesarea and was the Metropolis (capital) of Late Roman province Cilicia Secunda. It was the home of the poet Oppian. Rebuilt by the Byzantine emperor Justin I after an earthquake in 525, it became Justinopolis. Despite the name changes, the old native name persisted. When Thoros I, king of Lesser Armenia, made it his capital early in the 12th century, it was known as Anazarva.

ETBΠP is the date, year 182 of Caesarea. The era began in 19 B.C. when the city was visited by Augustus, refounded and renamed Caesarea, dating this coin to 163 - 164 A.D.
RP88143. Bronze trihemiassaria, Ziegler 181; SNG Levante 1392; SNG Cop 42; Lindgren-Kovacs 1427; BMC Lycaonia p. 33, 13; SNG BnF 2031, aF, green patina with highlighting earthen deposits, Anazarbus (Anavarza, Turkey) mint, weight 9.502g, maximum diameter 23.8mm, die axis 0o, 163 - 164 A.D.; obverse CEBAC ANTΩNEINOY KAI OYHP OMONOIA, Aurelius, scroll in left, and Verus, both togate, clasping right hands; reverse KAI TΩN ΠPOC TΩ ANAZAPB, decastyle temple, star in pediment, ET BΠP (year 182 Era of Caesarea) in exergue; ex Moneta Numismatic Services; scarce; SOLD

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