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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Hellenistic Monarchies| > |Cappadocian Kingdom| > GS87956
Cappadocian Kingdom, Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios, 96 - 63 B.C.
Ariobarzanes I was a Cappadocian nobleman of obscure Persian descent. After the Roman Senate rejected the claims of Ariarathes IX, he was made king through a vote of Cappadocian citizens and with the support of the Roman consul Lucius Cornelius Sulla. He ruled a kingdom that was a Roman protectorate but was removed three separate times by Mithridates before not only securing but actually increasing his lands under Pompey in the Third Mithridatic War. He abdicated to make way for the rule of his son Ariobarzanes II.
GS87956. Silver drachm, Simonetta Collection 53b, Simonetta 38e; cf. BMC Galatia p. 40, 23 (date off flan); Cohen DCA 460 (71/70 B.C.); HGC 7 846; SNGvA -, aVF, well centered, toned, light marks and scratches, Mazaka-Eusebeia (Kayseri, Turkey) mint, weight 4.138g, maximum diameter 17.1mm, die axis 0o, 68 - 67 B.C.; obverse diademed head right; reverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ APIBAPZANY ΦIΛPΩMAIY (King Ariobarzanes, friend of the Romans), Athena Nikephoros slightly left, head left, Nike offering wreath in Athena's right hand, resting left hand on grounded shield with spear behind, monogram inner left, KH (year 28) in exergue; $100.00 SALE |PRICE| $90.00


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