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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Greek Bulk Lots| > LT87283
Lot of 20 Greek Silver Drachms and Fractions
|Greek| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |20| |Greek| |Silver| |Drachms| |and| |Fractions|, 1) Magnesia ad Maendrum(?), AR tetartemorion, Head of eagle left / Wheel. 2) Eryx, AR litra, Dog sitting right/ Aphrodite standing, SNG Lloyd 936. 3) Cappadocian Kingdom, Ariarathes X, AR drachm. 4) Caria, AR obol, head left/ Panther head inside incuse square. 5) Miletos, Ionia, AR fraction, Forepart of a lion. / Stellate pattern. 6) Uncertain, Caria or Ionia, forepart of a lion/bird, SNG Finland 944. 7) Selge, Pisidia, AR hemiobol, Facing head of a gorgon/ lion head left, SNGvA 1820, chipped. 8) Uncertain Caria or Cyprus, AR hemiobol, ramís head right. / young male right, A at sides, cf. SNG Finland I 883-902, apparently unpublished but noted by Troxell in ďCarians in MiniatureĒ, Essays Mildenberg and BMC Cyprus, Salamis 42-44, chipped. 8) Thrace, Trieros, AR hemiobol, laureate head of Apollo left/ laurel branch within incuse square, SNG Cop 822; 9) Massalia, Gaul, AR obol, De La Tour 550, chipped. 10) Phokeaia, Ionia, AR tetartemorion, griffin head left. / Shallow incuse square. SNG Cop. Supplement 339 var., Rosen 603. 11) Lesbos, billon fraction, boar and eye / Incuse square, SNG Cop 290. 12) Chalkis, Euboia, AR drachm, head of Nymph right / eagle with snake. 13) Kition, Cyprus, AR hemiobol, head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin/ lion right, attacking stag right, all within linear border, cf. BMC 57-70. 14) Amathos, Cyprus, AR fraction (0.15g) lion head facing right /forepart of a lion right. 15) Bolskan, Spain, fourťe drachm, SNG 2. 16) Pergamum, Mysia, AR diobol. 17) Chersonesos, Thrace, AR hemidrachm. 18) Apollonia, Illyria, AR drachm, Cow and calf left, chipped and cut. 19) Syracuse, Sicily, AR litra, Nymph / Octopus. 20) Demetrios I Poliorketes, AE12 hemidrachm, Victory on prow of galley / Poseidon.
LT87283. Silver Lot, Drachms and fractions, Poor to F, several chipped, some rare, some very tiny, no flips or tags, consignor's description beside the photo is not guaranteed to be accurate - FORVM did not verify the descriptions or attributions, the lot is the actual coins in the photograph, as-is no returns; SOLD


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