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Home > Catalog > Roman Coins > The Tetrarchy > Licinius I > RT87241
Licinius I, 11 November 308 - 18 September 324 A.D.
Open civil war between Constantine and Licinius broke in 316 when Constantine invaded Licinius' Balkan provinces. Licinius fled to Adrianople where he collected a second army, under the command of Valerius Valens whom he raised to the rank of Augustus. Constantine defeated Licinius at the Battle of Campus Ardiensis, but the victory was indecisive. A treaty between Constantine and Licinius was concluded at Serdica on 1 March, 317. The peace lasted for about seven years.
RT87241. Billon follis, RIC VII London 31 (R1), Cohen VII 53, SRCV IV 15186, Hunter V -, Choice aEF, excellent centering and portrait, small green encrustations, flaw at Genius' face, round flan with a somewhat ragged edge with cracks and small split, 1st officina, Londinium (London, England) mint mint, weight 2.634g, maximum diameter 21.4mm, die axis 180o, 314 - 315 A.D.; obverse IMP LICINIVS P F AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust right; reverse GENIO POP ROM (to the guardian spirit of the Roman people), turreted Genius standing slightly left, head left, wearing crown of city walls on head, boots, himation over left shoulder around hips and over left arm, pouring libations from patera in right hand, cornucopia in left hand, S - F across field, MSL (Moneta Sacra Londinium) in exergue; $70.00





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