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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Sicily| > |Gela| > GS86598
Gela, Sicily, c. 465 - 450 B.C.
Gela, named after the river Gela, was founded around 688 BC by colonists from Rhodos (Rhodes) and Crete, 45 years after the founding of Syracuse. In 424 B.C., the Congress of Gela established a platform of "Sicily for the Sicilians" and formed a league that pushed back the Athenian attempt to conquer the island.
GS86598. Silver litra, Jenkins Gela 290, 1 (= Weber 1320, same dies); SNG Mün 282 var. (leg. above); HGC 2 373 (S); SNG ANS -; SNG Cop -; BMC Sicily -, Choice EF, well centered and struck, attractive style, toned, bumps, slight porosity, Gela mint, weight 0.683g, maximum diameter 11.2mm, die axis 180o, c. 465 - 450 B.C.; obverse bridled horse right, laurel wreath above left, dotted exergue line, bridle hanging down from mouth to right in shape of a crescent, dot border; reverse forepart of man-faced bull (river god) swimming right, wreath around bull's body before forelegs, dotted truncation, C-EΛA (C behind, EΛA above), no border, all within shallow round incuse; a beautiful little gem seen in-hand at actual size, rare with wreath on bull; SOLD


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