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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |The Restored Empire| > |John VIII| > BZ86359
Byzantine Empire, John VIII Palaeologus, 19 January 1421 - 31 October 1448 A.D.
John VIII was the second to last Byzantine emperor. By the time he ruled, the Sultanate of Muhammed II extended to the city walls and completely surrounded Constantinople. John attempted to gain the aid of the west, proclaiming a union with the church of Rome, but the people of Constantinople refused to accept the union and no aid was received. The city was already doomed when John died in 1448. He was succeeded by his younger brother Constantine Palaeologus, who died valiantly but hopelessly on the city walls on 29 May 1453. Muhammed the Conqueror took the city and the Byzantine and Roman Empires were no more.
BZ86359. Silver half stavraton, quarter hyperpyron, sigla 8; DOC V 1765 (same obv. die), Bendall PCPC 349.8 (same), Grierson 1519, Ratto 2269, Sommer 90.1, SBCV 2565, Lianta -, VF, toned, a little off center, porous, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 3.341g, maximum diameter 19.5mm, die axis 180o, 1421 - 1444; obverse bust of Christ facing, cross nimbus, tunic and himation, right raised in benediction, Gospels in left, double border with eight pellets between, IC - XC across field, lis below left and nothing right; reverse IΩANHC ∆ECΠOTIC O ΠAΛEOΛOΓOC (John Palaeologus, despot), bust of John VIII facing, bearded, nimbate, crown with pendilia, pellet in left and right fields; rare; SOLD


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Byzantine Coins of John VIII Palaeologus