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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Hellenistic Monarchies| > |Cappadocian Kingdom| > GB83633
Cappadocian Kingdom, Ariarathes X Eusebes Philadelphos, 42 - 36 B.C.
Ariarathes X Eusebes Philadelphos (Pious, brother-loving) was the king of Cappadocia from c. 42 - 36 B.C. He was of Persian and Greek ancestry. His father was King Ariobarzanes II of Cappadocia and his mother was Queen Athenais. He became king after his brother Ariobarzanes III Philoromaios was killed. His rule did not last long as Mark Antony of Rome removed and executed him, replacing him with Sisines of Komana, who became Archelaus of Cappadocia.
GB83633. Bronze AE 15, HGC 856 (R2); Simonetta p. 48, 4 (uncertain attribution), F, encrustations, small flan, Mazaka-Eusebeia (Kayseri, Turkey) mint, weight 2.584g, maximum diameter 14.7mm, die axis 0o, 42 - 36 B.C.; obverse draped bust of Artemis left, wearing diadem, bow and quiver on shoulder; reverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ APIAPAΘOY, stag standing left; rare; $50.00


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