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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |The Restored Empire| > |Michael VIII| > SH76242
Byzantine Empire, Michael VIII Palaeologus, 15 August 1261 - 11 December 1282
Michael VIII was regent for and later co-emperor with the Nicaean Emperor John IV. He defeated the Latin emperor Baldwin II, captured Constantinople and restored the empire. His superb diplomatic skills balanced his enemies against each other. He founded the last great Byzantine dynasty.
SH76242. Gold hyperpyron, DOC V 19 (siglon 61), Lianta 499, Bendall PCPC 5 (none with this siglon), Grierson 1289, SBCV 2243, Sommer -, F, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 4.179g, maximum diameter 26.6mm, die axis 180o, 15 Aug 1261 - 11 Dec 1282; obverse Nimbate half-length facing figure of the Virgin Mary orans within city walls, six towers on walls, sigla P - P low across field; reverse X/M/∆EC/ΠO/T (or similar) on left, Π/ΛA (or similar) on right, Archangel Michael standing facing, on left, behind Michael VII kneeling facing, presents Michael VIII to Christ, on right, seated left on high throne, Gospels in right hand, IC - CX (sic, blundered Greek abbreviation for Jesus Christ) flanking Christ's head; from the Robert Watcher Collection; very scarce; SOLD


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Byzantine coins of Michael VIII Palaeologus