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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Hellenistic Monarchies| > |Seleucid Kingdom| > LT75953
Seleucid Kingdom, Lot of 22 Coins, 312 - 63 B.C.
|Seleucid| |Kingdom|, |Seleucid| |Kingdom,| |Lot| |of| |22| |Coins,| |312| |-| |63| |B.C.|, The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM (1 - 14 are ex Moneta Numismatic Services with their tags):
1) Seleukos I, Medusa / bull butting, HGC 92a
2) Antiochos II, tripod, HGC 9 253a
3) Antiochos III(?) AE11, palm tree
4) Antiochos IV, AE15, Nike standing, Houghton-Lorber 1381
5) Time of Antiochos IV, Tarsos, club in wreath / cornucopia, cf. SNG BN 1279-81
6) Demetrios I, serrate AE20, Artemis / bow and quiver
7) Demetrios I, serrate AE15, horse head / elephant head, Houghton-Lorber 1646
8) Antiochos VII, AE 20, Astarte standing, Sidon, HGC 1091
9) Antiochos VII, AE17, winged Eros right / headdress of Isis, star below
10) Alexander II Zebinas, AE22, double cornucopia, RC 2237
11) Antiochos IX, AR hemidrachm, Nike advancing right, obv. well off center
12) Antiochos IX, AE17, winged Eros right / Nike advancing left, Houghton-Lorber 2388.2
13) Antiochos X, AE21, caps, HGC 1292
14) Antiochos XII, AE20, Zeus standing left, HGC 1320
15) Antiochos II, AE15, Apollo on omphalos
16) Antiochos III, AE9, Sardes, elephant left, Houghton-Lorber 979
17) Antiochos III, similar
18) Antiochos IV, Mallos mint, AE15, Nike standing left, Houghton-Lorber 1383
19) Demetrios I, AR drachm, silver imitation drachm, (1.30g) thin flan
20) Antioch, AE24, Zeus, cf. RPC 4205
21) Demetrios I, serrate AE15, Houghton-Lorber 1646
22) Antiochos II, AE17, Tripod, obv. well off center
LT75953. Mixed Lot, 22 Seleukid coins, 21 bronze, 1 silver hemidrachm, mostly VF, 312 - 63 B.C.; 14 of the coins are ex Moneta Numismatic Services with tags, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; $600.00


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