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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Anatolia| > |Caria| > |Kos| > SH75288
Kos, Carian Islands, c. 345 - 340 B.C.
Herakles was traveling by sea when Hera, who hated him, sent a storm, sinking his boats. Hercules and only a few friends survived, swimming to Kos. Once ashore they asked a shepherd for food and shelter. The shepherd refused and insulted Hercules and they fought. People from nearby Antimachia joined the fight against Hercules. Hercules and his friends slipped into a house, disguised as women, and escaped. Another town welcomed Hercules and declared war on Antimachia. Hercules killed the king of Antimachia and married the newly elected king's sister, Halkiopi. Their son, Thessalos, would later be the king of Kos and Nisyros.
SH75288. Silver tetradrachm, Pixodarus Hoard, Cos, p. 232, 3a (A2/P2), pl. 37; SNG Keckman 286; SNG Cop 619 var. (Herakles left); SNGvA 2751 var. (same); HGC 6 1303 (R2), VF/aVF, corrosion on reverse, Kos mint, weight 14.675g, maximum diameter 22.9mm, die axis 0o, 345 - 340 B.C.; obverse bearded head of Herakles left, wearing Nemean lion scalp headdress; reverse KΩION, veiled female (Halkiopi?) head left, HP (magistrate) behind, KΩION below; ex Naville Numismatics (London), auction 14 (12 Apr 2015), lot 87; ex NAC, auction 78 (26-27 May 2014), lot 1508 (from a private Australian collection and privately purchased in 1999); very rare variety of rare type; SOLD

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