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Home > Catalog > Greek Coins > Geographic - All Periods > Macedonia > Koinon of Macedonia > SH72856
Koinon of Macedonia, Reign of Severus Alexander, c. 231 - 235 A.D., Portrait of Alexander the Great
Zagreus, a son of Zeus and Persephone (who Zeus seduced in the guise of a serpent) was a god of the Orphic Mysteries, the "first-born Dionysos." Zeus armed child god with lightning bolts and set him upon the throne of heaven. The Titans, inspired by jealous Hera, crept into Olympus, tempted Zagreus with toys into setting aside his lightning bolts, and then dismembered him with knives. Zeus recovered the child's heart, made it into a potion, and fed it to his love Semele. From the drink she conceived the younger Dionysos, as a reincarnation of the first. The Cabeiri were the dwarf-like sons of the god Hephaistos and famed metal-workers. The Cabeiri recovered the phallus of Zagreus.
SH72856. Bronze AE 26, AMNG III 334 var. (NO not mentioned), Lindgren -, BMC Macedonia -, SNG Cop -, SNG Hunterian -, VF, perfect centering, Macedonia, Beroea(?) mint, weight 14.747g, maximum diameter 25.6mm, die axis 180o, c. 231 A.D.; obverse AΛEΞAN∆POY, diademed head of Alexander the Great right, N behind, O below neck; reverse KOINON MAKE∆ONΩN OMONOIA, helmeted Athena seated left, Kabeiros in her right hand, spear vertical behind in her left hand, back leg of the seat is in the form of a lion leg, Kabeiros in her hand is standing facing with uncertain object (phallus of Zagreus?) in his right hand and hammer in left; extremely rare; SOLD

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