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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Thrace & Moesia| > |Pautalia| > RP72133
Septimius Severus, 9 April 193 - 4 February 211 A.D., Pautalia, Thrace
The site of Pautalia (Kyustendil, Bulgaria) was settled in the Iron Age by the Thracian Dentheletes tribe. Strymon, son of Oceanus and Tethys, was a river god and king of Thrace. By the muses Euterpe or Calliope, he became the father of Rhesus, Brangas, and Olynthus, and by Neaera of Evadne.
RP72133. Bronze tetrassaria, Moushmov 4192 (this coin on Wildwinds' Moushmov online), Varbanov 4790 (R4, refs wildwinds), Ruzicka -, SNG Cop -, SNG Hunterian -, BMC Thrace -, F, centered, somewhat weak reverse, corrosion lower reverse, Pautalia (Kyustendil, Bulgaria) mint, weight 14.838g, maximum diameter 29.1mm, die axis 225o, 9 Apr 193 - 4 Feb 211 A.D.; obverse AVT K Λ CEΠTI CEVHPOC ΠE, laureate head right, bare right shoulder from behind; reverse OVΛΠIAC, ΠAVTAΛIAC in exergue, river-god Strymon reclining left, nude to waist, himation around hips and legs with end draped on left arm, branch in right hand, left elbow resting on urn from which water flows; ex Henrik Agndal collection, this is the only example of the type known to Forum, but very similar types also exist; very rare; SOLD


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