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Home > Catalog > Byzantine Coins > Heraclean Dynasty > Heraclonas > SH70022
Byzantine Empire, Heraclius & Heraclius Constantine, 23 January 613 - 11 January 641 A.D.
In 638, Heraclius created a buffer zone or no man's land in the heartland of Asia Minor. In the mountainous terrain of Anatolia, the Byzantine forces used defensive guerrilla warfare, known as "shadowing warfare." They avoided battle with major Muslim invasions and instead attacked raiding parties on their return when laden with booty, captured livestock or prisoners.Arab Invasion of Anatolia and Armenia
SH70022. Gold solidus, DOC II part 1, 39g; Morrisson BnF 59; Hahn MIB 45; SBCV 764; Sommer 11.29; Wroth BMC -; Tolstoi -, gVF, graffiti and minor flan flaw on reverse, 8th officina, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 4.415g, maximum diameter 20.0mm, die axis 180o, 637 - 638(?); obverse Heraclius in center taller with mustache, long beard; standing with Heraclius Constantine on right, Heraclonas on left, sons beardless and equal height, all wear crown and chlamys, and hold globus cruciger in right; reverse VICTORIA AVGu H (victory of the Emperor, 8th officina), cross potent on three steps, Heraclian monogram left, A right, CONOB in exergue; SOLD

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