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Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Geographic - All Periods| > |Greece| > |Phokis| > GA68399
Phokis, Greece, Federal Coinage, c. 478 - 460 B.C.
The Phocians were unpopular with other Greeks. In 480 B.C., a Phokian force of 1,000 volunteer shepherd boys was assigned to the heights at Thermopylae. They took one look at the advancing Persians and fled leaving open the back trail, which allowed the Persians to destroy Leonidas and the Spartans. The following year the Phokians actually joined the Persian side, the losing side, in the Battle of Plataea.
GA68399. Silver obol, BCD Lokris 205 (same dies, dies not in Williams Phokians), gVF, toned, obverse off-center, Phokis mint, weight 0.925g, maximum diameter 10.8mm, die axis 90o, c. 478 - 460 B.C.; obverse Φ−O, facing bull head; reverse Φ−O, forepart of boar right, showing both legs, right foreleg bent; SOLD


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