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Home > Catalog > |Byzantine Coins| > |Comnen Dynasty| > |John II| > BZ67761
Byzantine Empire, John II Comnenus, 15 August 1118 - 8 April 1143 A.D.
This coin has a scarcer reverse legend variation ending in ΠOPΦYPOΓENIT, vice the normal ΠOPΦYPOΓNT. It also appears to be restruck on a reverse brockage of the same type. An incuse of part of the reverse legend is visible on the left side of the obverse.
BZ67761. Bronze tetarteron, Wroth BMC 64 (same rev. leg.); Morrisson BnF 60/Cp/AE/10 (same); DOC IV-1 12b var. (leg. var.); SBCV 1945 var. (same); Sommer 60.8 var. (same), VF, restruck on a reverse brockage, full reverse legend, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 2.792g, maximum diameter 20.1mm, die axis 0o, c. 1137 - 1143 A.D.; obverse Christ standing facing on footstool, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium, and colobium, Gospels in left, to left IC, to right XC; reverse IΩ ∆ECΠOT TΩ ΠOPΦYPOΓENIT (sic), John standing facing, wearing crown and jeweled chlamys, cruciform scepter in right, globus cruciger in left; rare; SOLD


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Byzantine Coins of John II