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Home > Catalog > |Medieval & Modern Coins| > |Poland| > ME59115
Poland, John I Albert, 1492 - 1501 A.D.
As crown prince, John distinguished himself by his brilliant victory over the Tatars at Kopersztyn (1487). As king, he desired to act as the champion of Christendom against the Ottoman Turks and collected an army of 80,000 men. His crusade was ended before it began by an invasion of Galatia by Stephen III, hospodar of Moldavia, who had been misled by reports that John planned to place his brother on the throne of Moldavia. John counterattacked but was forced to retreat, probably due to the insubordination of his nobles. After his return he confiscated hundreds of their estates. In spite of his difficulties, he was extraordinarily popular.
ME59115. Silver half groschen, Gumowski 467, VF, Cracow mint, weight 0.829g, maximum diameter 18.3mm, die axis 90o, 1492 - 1501 A.D.; obverse +MONETA + I + ALBERTI, crowned imperial eagle facing, wings spread, head left, within inner dot border; reverse + REGIS * * POLOnIE, crown within inner dot border; SOLD


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