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   View Categories Home > Catalog > |Greek Coins| > |Hellenistic Monarchies| > |Macedonian Kingdom| > SH65296
Macedonian Kingdom, Perseus, 179 - 168 B.C., Pseudo-Rhodian Coinage
|Macedonian| |Kingdom|, |Macedonian| |Kingdom,| |Perseus,| |179| |-| |168| |B.C.,| |Pseudo-Rhodian| |Coinage|, In "The Coinage of Rhodes 408 - c. 190 B.C." (Ashton Rhodes), Richard Ashton notes for this specific ΣTAΣIΩN type, "..I am certain (on the grounds of their find-spots, irregular die axes, crude style, and often low weights) [they] were imitations struck in northern or cetntral Greece during the Third Macedonian War." Perseus struck them to pay the 3,000 or more Cretan mercenaries in his army. Rhodian coinage, including locally struck imitatives, circulated in quantity on Crete and the type would have been preferred method of payment for Cretan mercenaries.
SH65296. Silver drachm, Ashton Rhodes 297; SNG Keckman 800 - 801 (N. Greece, c. 175 - 170 B.C.), SNG Cop 786 - 787, BMC Caria, p. 246, 182 - 183, EF, northern or central Greece mint, weight 2.731g, maximum diameter 15.4mm, die axis 315o, magistrate Stasion, c. 200 - 185 B.C.; obverse head of Helios facing slightly right; reverse ΣTAΣIΩN, rose, bud on right, club laying over bow on left, P - O flanking stem; ex Davisson's; SOLD

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